I’m somewhat of a serial hobbyist. Over the years I have picked up a number of hobbies and some stick longer than others. I keep up with most of them on an ongoing basis. Some are seasonal as they fit better during certain parts of the year or by weather. Also varies by mood.

Movies, TV, Books

I enjoy a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and books. Far too many to list. Frequently I’ll even keep something on while I’m working on other hobbies.

I watch far too much TV through the week and when not watching TV, it’s probably a movie.

Board Games

I have quite a large number of board games and enjoy playing them with family and friends. It’s a good way to get away from screens for a bit and have fun.

3D Printing

I have two 3D printers and like printing both useful and useless things. There is also a second hobby built-in which is troubleshooting and maintaining said printers.


I talk about this more at the photography page on my site, but I like taking pictures. I’m far from a pro, but I’ve had some classes.


When the weather is nice I like to do some woodworking/carpentry stuff. I have a decent set of tools but very limited workspace. Because of that, I have to work mostly outside, so projects have to be fairly small in size. But I’ve built lots of shelves, benches (for sitting), a workbench, cabinets, and other miscellaneous things.


I’ve become a bit of a sewist over the last several years. It started as a way to mend clothes but since getting the hang of it, I’ve made dice bags, masks, pillows, a stuffed meeple, and lots of other random things.

Vinyl Cutting

My wife has a Cricut for scrapbooking and similar work with paper, but lately I’ve been using it for cutting adhesive and heat transfer vinyl to make all kinds of things. I’ve made labels for servers, personalized items, stickers for my laptop, and lots of gifts.


Lately I’ve been buying more “enthusiast” grade flashlights which are quite powerful and have lots of nice features. For example, many of my recent flashlights run open source firmware called Anduril by Toykeeper.

Robotics / Automation

From Lego EV3 sets to Arduino-powered gadgets, I like dabbling in robotics and robotics-adjacent things.

Related skills

While not a hobby on their own, I have also learned or honed several skills related to my other hobbies, such as soldering and working with electronics components.