Interdimensional, a Sliders Font

Interdimensional is a fan-made font based on the lettering in the FOX show Sliders, but is not a precise duplication. The official lettering uses a font called Vienna Extended which was originally distributed by ‘ITC - Typefaces’ and ‘Esselte Letraset’ 1990 Design by Canadian designer Antony De Meester.


Interdimensional FAQ

Where can I get Interdimensional?
The most recent version may be downloaded here from this page. For the official font used on the show, follow this link to purchase it from ITC: Vienna Extended
Is this a TrueType Font?
Can I get it for a Mac too?
Yes, try interdim.hqx. If that doesn’t work, look for a TrueType converter to allow the PC version to work on a Mac.
Can I get it in Postscript (type 1 for PCs or 3 for PCs/UNIX) instead?
Yep (Type 1) and Yep (Type 3)
How do I install this in Windows?
Unzip the archive, right click the interdim.ttf file, and click Install. Alternately, copy interdim.ttf to the c:\windows\fonts directory.
How do I install this on a Mac?
Hold down the mouse button on the link above and choose the option to save the file to disk. Then open up StuffIt Expander, choose File > Expand… And select the archive. (note: If it warns that the file might be damaged, choose YES to continue, it still works.) Then double click the “Interdim Folder” icon to find the Interdimensional Suitcase, and drag it to the system folder (or preferably to the Fonts folder inside the system folder.)
Is this a complete font?
Yep, and if someone looks hard enough they might find a few Sliders-themed extra special characters.
Is this shareware? Will it cost me anything?
Nope, its completely free, enjoy! I recommend purchasing the original Vienna Extended font though, as it is superior in design and implementation.
Free? Why did you do it then?
I wanted it for personal use and figured others would want it as well.
So how close is this to the actual font used on Sliders?
As close as I could possibly make it from what I had to go by, but it’s not precise and there are significant differences in many letters. For the exact font, see Vienna Extended.
Do you work for FOX?
I am in no way affiliated with FOX.
How was this created?
It was created back when I was in college and had access to proprietary font creation software through school. These days there is an Open Source project for editing fonts, FontForge.


Newest Version: Interdimensional v1.02 (Freeware) 02/08/97
Last Changes:
Updated/Changed Some minor font header information No change to actual characters.
Posted By:
Jim Pingle -
Name Suggested by:
Dan “Fission Chicken” Benjamin
Some Beta Testers:
Dan “Fission Chicken” Benjamin, Kyle “Zwybyzgy” Crocker.

©1996 Jim Pingle